Restaurants – Pula is a coastal city with Mediterranean cuisine restaurants spread all over the city. The choice of the restaurants is very broad and you can easily find what you’re looking for. The closest one to our homes in Pula is Bistro Galeb, with dishes varying from sea food to famous ćevapćići (minced meat). Price for person with drink is usually around 15 €. However, if you want something more special and unique, we recommend: Farabuto – restaurant twisting traditional Istrian dishes into modern, Hook & Cook – street sea food place offering several dishes per week with fresh fish and very affordable prices for the experience & also TiVoli for proper pizza with the choice of over 50 types.

Bars – Experience the typical Croatian coffee drinking culture in one of the Pula’s bars. There is several bars nearby and we are always open for suggestions. We would definitely recommend Pomidor which is opened 365 days a year and offers outdoor and indoor seating area in Gortanova Uvala on Lungomare beach which is roughly 10 minutes by foot from your Pula residence. The place offers a beautiful view on the beach and is also pet friendly. Apart from this, we also recommend Tappo with variety of wines and tapas offered daily – perfect for an evening out. If you want to take a walk of the old city, you will probably want to sit in Cvajner which also hosts artist exhibitions in the interior. Prices are mostly around 2 € for a coffee and around 3 € for a beer or a glass of wine.

Airport pickup – Our driving service is possible but it has to be booked in advance. The price for 4 persons + luggage is fixed and it’s 20 € in one direction or 35 € both. We can also offer driving service in and around city but that is to be discussed with the housekeeper. If not, we can always call you a cab.

Outdoor activities – There is plenty of outdoor activities available for visitors in Pula. From jet-ski rental, to scuba diving and paragliding. Depending on your wishes, we can assist you with bookings of these tours. You can find more information on their websites – Orca Diving Center, Metta Float, AktivistSport, Bike Tours Istria & Skydive Adria.

Beaches – As mentioned earlier, Lungomare spreads along more than 4 kilometers of coast and you can choose the spot on the rocks or you can go to the small rocks beach and enjoy your day at the coast. There is a lot of articles on the beaches in Pula and which to choose. Some of them are more family friendly, others are more for youth as well as the nudist beaches which are all easily accessible. You can find a detailed list of beaches in Pula HERE. We also encourage our guests to explore other beaches near Pula which offer even more pristine nature and privacy.

Excursions – Istria might be small but it has a lot to offer, even Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito had invited all his friends and other politicians to his residency in Istria. The group of islands named Brijuni. There are boat tours going several times per day and cost around 30 € per person. You can take a swim, have lunch or drive around in Tito’s Cadillac. The island is full of exotic animals and plants which were given to the late President as a gift from other leaders. Also, Istria is a home to the officially smallest town on the planet – Hum. Brijuni offer a great trip into “Blue Istria” and with Hum, you will discover “Green Istria”. We also recommend visiting Rovinj, Poreč, Labin and Motovun.

Vineyards – As in all other Mediterranean countries and regions, winegrowing is in the blood of the local people, and the grape vine is one of the most typical farming cultures that has been thriving for centuries on this heart-shaped peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. The most famous wine varieties are Teran & Malvazija. In addition, you can also visit many wine cellars through-out the region. We recommend checking out Trapan Wine Station, Kozlović as well as Matošević vineyards.